Waste Management Services in Cyprus

Hellenic Tzilalis Group is the waste management and recycling services leading provider in Cyprus. Hellenic Tzilalis Group offers comprehensive waste management solutions to a large number of private and public companies and organizations throughout the Republic of Cyprus. It has vast experience in dealing with household, commercial, industrial waste, construction refuse as well as recyclable waste.

Waste Collection, Transportation and Recycling in Cyprus

Through our subsidiary company HTZ Minas, we provide a wide range of high quality waste management services that are in full compliance with the Cyprus legislation.
Our waste managment services include among others:

  • Collection of mix waste and recyclable materials with refuse tracks
  • Rent and transportation of refuse containers such as skips, open hook containers and compactors
  • Sorting and trading recyclable materials
  • Disposal of waste in appropriately licensed waste management facilities in Cyprus
  • Washing of waste compactors and bins

Waste collection and transportation of the following types of waste:

  • Mixed Household waste produced at hotels, restaurants, office facilities, supermarkets and malls
  • Office paper, packaging material, confidential documents destruction
  • Films, plastic
  • Used tires
  • Construction waste

Recycling Services in Cyprus

Enerco Energy Recovery, a subsidiary company of Hellenic Tzilalis, utilizes materials from the waste stream for the production and trading of alternative fuel and raw materials. Waste materials which cannot be used to reproduce new products, can be diverted to Enerco, for the following treatment.

  • Recovery of vehicle tires at the end of their useful life
  • Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) from Municipal Waste
  • Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) from Municipal Waste
  • Residual from Sorting Facilities

Ecobalance Recycling Ltd, a subsidiary company of Hellenic Tzilalis is operating a new sorting plant in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company is engaged in the sorting of waste from packaging materials (Mix Paper, OCC, PET, HDPE/PP, Tetrapack, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials) and the trading of sorted materials.