Duct Cleaning

Why is it vital to keep HVAC ducts & kitchen ducts clean?

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Kitchen extract systems become coated with grease, oil and other  residues. These may ignite and cause fire to spread rapidly throughout the  exhaust system.

Since a poorly maintained kitchen extraction ductwork is an obvious fire risk, it can render insurance policies invalid.

The removal method applied by Hellenic Tzilalis is suitable for all types of grease, either soft or hard-burned. Especially designed grease brushes, connected to a rotating brushing machine, remove grease rapidly and efficiently, thus saving kitchen downtime and cleaning costs.

Proper cleaning and removal of grease cuts down energy costs, as it allows the
exhaust fan to operate more efficiently.

Cleaning & Disinfection of HVAC Ducts

Contaminants in HVAC systems may take many forms, such as dust particles fungal, debris from rusted ductwork, man-made vitreous fibers, mold spores etc.

The accumulated dust is conducive to the development of bacteria and fungi. These bacteria may, in time, be transported from the duct to the ventilated rooms.

A contaminated HVAC system should be properly cleaned using the appropriate   methodology, for the safety and health of the occupants.

The Air Duct Cleaning and Disinfection method used by Hellenic Tzilalis is fully compliant with EN 15780, and is performed with rotating brushing machines, air nozzles and large HEPA vacuum machines.

The disinfection of the ducts is verified by an independent laboratory.

Proper cleaning of air ducts cuts down energy costs, since it allows the exhaust fan to operate more efficiently.