Cleaning Services in Cyprus

Hellenic Tzilalis Group is a long established, expert contract cleaning provider in Cyprus, which implements revolutionary cleaning systems and methods, and it is fully geared in terms of tools, equipment and professional expertise which ensure total quality control management.

HELLENIC TZILALIS GROUP offers an extensive range of cleaning services, all around Cyprus (Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Famagusta districts). Services include:

Daily Routine/Maintenance Cleaning Services

The daily routine cleaning includes:
• Floor Sweeping and Mopping
• Waste bin emptying
• Dusting
• Toilet cleaning
• Kitchen cleaning (including glassware and utensil washing if required)
• Window cleaning up to 1.70m (storefront windows are exempted from daily cleaning).

Periodic Deep/General Cleaning Services

According to the good practices in addition to the routine cleaning in a facility, it is recommended to include deep cleaning scheduled services which complement the maintenance cleaning services and ensure proper asset maintenance:

• Floor deep cleaning
• Toilet deep cleaning, including steam cleaning and disinfection
• High reach areas cleaning, including lighting fixtures, HVAC grilles
• External displays and signs
• Pest Control
• Annual Blind washing
• Carpet cleaning
• Use of powerful extraction machines giving cleaner and drier carpets, with friendly technology for humans and the environment. Specialized equipment with complete lack of chemical detergents or soaps.

Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning service (inside & outside) to a high standard and with full adherence to strict Health and Safety rules

• Ionic Systems (reach and wash system)
• Telescopic poles window cleaning
• Window Cleaning with Rope Access

Chemicals and Consumables

Our company uses professional grade, specialist chemicals, for all operations which are all accompanied by SDS certificates and are EU certified.
Our company can provide to its Clients, kitchen and toilet consumables such as toilet paper, paper hand towels, liquid or foam hand soap, detergents etc. All consumables can be provided with their respective dispensing equipment, depending on the requirements of each Client.

“Good cleaning” means longer asset life, less redecoration, happier customers and a better sense of well-being. It’s not all mops and buckets, toilet brushes and minimum wage staff. It’s a world of innovation, change and improvement such as robotic scrubbing machines, video displays on hand dryers, flow cleaning, environmentally friendly cleaning materials, motivation and influence.